Brick Restoration

Brick restoration and preservation can be required due to a number of brick problems: staining, cracking, leaking and other aging factors. Our brick restoration services have been fine tuned over the years and we are confident in our ability in restoring brick. We provide brick restoration services that separate us from the rest of the brick restoration companies in the industry. As experienced brick restoration contractors, we know what to look for and how to repair the damage caused by age and natural elements.

Proper maintenance for historic brick buildings is important. Historic brick should be cleaned only when absolutely necessary. If you have issues with leaking or improperly flashed roofs, water can run down or even migrate through the walls of your historic home. This can cause surface erosion, degrade mortar joints, and result in stains and efflorescence. Efflorescence, which often appears as a white mold-like crust on the surface of brick, is more than a surface discoloration; it is caused by the migration of salts through brick and other masonry walls. Contact us for a free estimate for restoration and preservation of your historic brick building

The Historic Anderson Building in Grand Prairie Texas has undergone sever changes since it was built in 1915. Once a business college then a dinner night club to it’s present day executive offices and event center, time has taken a toll on the building. Lonestar Masonry Repair was contracted to help restore the original beauty and integrity. On the front of the building the mortar had washed out and discolored. We removed the faulty deteriorated mortar and restored the mortar lines to the original depth and brightness. The front columns had been altered to a western theme and we restored them to the original look. The side of the building had been painted black. We removed the years of paint by cleaning each brick and staining the brick to blend with original brick as well as using some reclaimed brick from other areas.

Bahamas Buck’s in McKinney Texas had issues with cracking and broken brick veneer. Lonestar Masonry Repair was able to match the veneer and repair it to original appearance.

Baylor Emergency in Colleyville Texas had a natural stone column that needed to be rebuilt due to several cracks and broken stone. We were able to match the original stone and replicate the existing columns.

Contact us for a free estimate for restoration and preservation of your historic brick building.